About Us

MCC Estates is a privately owned, innovative property development/investment company, specialising in the acquisition and development of brownfield sites for either investment or sale. MCC has two main areas of operation, the first is acquiring sites either unconditionally or subject to planning, working these sites through the planning process and passing them over to our construction team, who see the development through to completion. Our second area of operation is the acquisition of unmodernised properties within strong London locations for long term investment. We are interesting in acquiring single houses, HMO’s (houses in multiple occupation), blocks of unmodernised apartments, right down to single apartment units, and freehold investments. Our experienced construction team specialise in the refurbishment of unmodernised properties, which on completion are then rented out to a mix of end users, ranging from professional individuals or organisations, to families in private residential property and social housing residents.

Our core areas of operation are London, and the home counties, although we often look at properties further afield, depending upon the nature of the deal.

What sets MCC Estates apart from many other developers is our independence. This means we are able to structure deals to suit individual vendors, that large or publicly quoted companies cannot. By internally financing projects we can make decisions quickly and freely, and are able to consider each project on its merits – to sell developments or retain as long-term investments.

MCC have the passion, experience and financial resources to get the deal done, and we’re ready to invest!